The First Grand Challenge took place in July 2023!

On 18-19 July 2023, the First University of St. Gallen Grand Challenge: The EU A.I. Act 2023 took place at Square. Eleven teams of experts assessed eight A.I. applications in the light of the upcoming A.I. Act of the European Union. The A.I. applications were provided by Ascento, Deltia AI, Deutsche Telekom, Gopf, Gravis Robotics, Ovom Care, Mercedes-Benz, and Swiss-Mile. Two teams won the competition and shared the prize of 100'000 CHF. Now we are considering what to do next…

«This was not like any other event
I've been part of.»

Erika George (Univ. of Utah), Team AIPI

Media coverage…

Scientific publications on the Grand Challenge

Our article  in Nature Machine Intelligence: Thomas Burri, "A Challenge for Law and Artificial Intelligence"

An article by one of the winning teams in Science Robotics: Emmie Hine et al., "The AI Act Grand Challenge shows how autonomous robots will be regulated

«The quality was really superb.»

Renata Jungo Brüngger (Mercedes-Benz), member of Jury

«We were exposed to fascinating A.I. applications.»

Dirk Brand (Stellenbosch Univ.), Leader Team LegalAIzers, co-winner of the Grand Challenge

«We will treasure our memories of the Grand Challenge forever.»

Mario Lopez  (AINEAR), Leader Team Conformity Mavericks, co-winner of the Grand Challenge

«The Grand Challenge was very good to jointly reflect in more concrete terms.»

Teresa Scantamburlo  (C'a Foscari Univ. Venice), Leader Team Synergy4AI